Certified Framer

Atelier Horneman is the only certified framer in Groningen. Quality and service is our main priority. In our workshop we make custom frames in both wood and aluminium, as well as custom mirrors. Our frames are high quality and have twice received awards in the yearly framing contest, in which framers from all the Benelux participate. There are many combinations of frames and matboards to make. We gladly take the time to talk about all options, so the customer can make a well-informed decision.

We can be found behind the shopping centre in Lewenborg, where free parking is available. It is also possible to load and unload in front of the door of the frame shop. On our contact  page you can ask questions of find more information about our location


Apart from framing paintings, we can take care of their restoration. In collaboration with professional restorers we have had many paintings cleaned. We can offer this service for textile and paper as well.