Need art supplies?

We have various art supplies from Talens in stock, and supply drawing and painting materials. We have all colours of Amsterdam acrylic paint in 120ml tubes, as well as all colours of van Gogh oil paint in 40ml tubes. In addition we have a range of brushes and surface materials like painting canvases.

Amsterdam acrylic paint

Amsterdam acrylic paint is one of the most well known art supplies that we sell. We have all colours in 120ml tubes in stock, as well as titanium white in 500ml pots. Further we have plenty of brushes as well as different types of medium for paint. For example a medium to thicken acrylic paint. Lastly, we have pots and spray cans to varnish your painting.

Van Gogh oil paint

The same is true for our selection of Van Gogh oil paint as for the acrylic paint. We have all colours, in 40ml tubes. These are easy to take to for example a painting workshop. For oil paint we also stock a wide range of brushes and mediums.

Stamp card

Customers buying their materials in our shop can collect stamps. For every 10 euro’s spent on art supplies at our shop you receive a stamp. One full stamp card is worth 10 euro’s of art supplies. It only takes 10 stamps to fill on stamp card.

If you would like more information about various materials, have a look on the Talens website as well, or ask your question using the form on our contact page



“We would love to inform you of our experience with these products as professional artists.

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